Change the way you think, feel and look at coffee. 

Coffee beans so special and rare you'll never find them in large coffee chains.  As with the grapes used for wine, the characteristics of coffee beans that make coffee are highly dependent on the temperature and conditions in which they are grown.


This whole bean coffee comes from the small Familia Peixoto farm in Brazil. You will love the gentle roast that supports the rich flavor of berries. Hints of chocolate and nuts identify it as a high-quality Brazillian gold. With a sweet, clean, and rich flavor profile, this coffee pleases just about everyone. Works flawlessly on all brewing methods from espresso to filter to full immersion to cold brew. Because our beans  Shipped in a freshness saving 4 oz bag. So you'll always enjoy the freshest Coffee possible. 

Pure Nectar

  • 4 oz Pure Nectar