Madagascar Vanilla Bean Benefits Your Yoga Practice

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Exotic and rare, vanilla beans grow on a fruit-bearing orchid. Vanilla is the 2nd most expensive spice on the planet, yet the mellow flavor notes of vanilla are something we all grew up recognizing. Unfortunately an estimated 95% of “vanilla” products are not made with real vanilla. Instead, food manufacturers use artificial vanilla derived from a paper-pulp byproduct called lignin.

Often times vanilla is thought of as boring, but it’s truly one of the most beneficial spices for your yoga practice. Madagascar vanilla adds a calm warming, sweet, and rounded flavor that compliments your mind as you move though asana. Vanilla also has some amazing anti-inflammation benefits for your body!

The benefits of vanilla are vast, it is a true medicinal food that has been used for centuries. It’s especially powerful at enhancing brain and boosting your mood. One of the most powerful medicinal uses of vanilla is to combat inflammation. Inflammation can be problematic for your body even affecting your yoga practice, but inflammation is much worse for your brain. The release of inflammatory cytokines contribute to brain fog,[1] which can make it harder to focus, think clearly, and even remember simple tasks.

Vanilla promotes relaxation that calms your cytokine response .[2]

Other benefitual uses for vanilla:

  • Calms stomach pains[3]

  • Reduces fever[4]

  • Relieves stress[5]

  • Reduces joint pain[6]

Vanilloids are the active chemical compounds found in spices like vanilla.

Vanilloids like vanillin (found in vanilla) and capsaicin (found in hot peppers) work by binding to receptors in your body and disrupting the pathway involved in pain. Part of Vanilla's pain-busting mechanisms is vanilloids “use up” your body’s supply of a major pain signaling compound called substance P.[7] High levels of substance P are correlated with arthritis,[11] fibromyalgia,[12] and other inflammatory diseases.[13]

Yoga Coffee combines single origin coffee beans grown in the perfect climate of Brazil with the incredible benefits of madagascar vanilla with the healing properties of cayenne and cinnamon. So you can love your coffee and your body!












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